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$100.00 / month with a 55-day free trial and a $400.00 sign-up fee

$400 for the first 55 days, then $100 monthly


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Formula 55’s Transformation Camp is a 55-day program consisting of cardio, personalized strength training classes, and personalized nutritional informational services. In addition, each participant will be weighed throughout the 55 day program to see one’s progress.

Since November 2010, Beau Taillefer has held year round transformation camps with countless success stories. Hundreds of individuals in the Tampa Bay area have submitted to the Formula and transformed!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

MaribelEmpecé con Fórmula 55 en 2011, hace doce años y fue una de las mejores decisiones que tomé. Estoy en mejor forma y salud ahora que cuando tenía 30 y 40 años. Me siento muy bien y puedo seguir el ritmo de mis nietos.

~ Maribel

MicheleI have been working out with Beau since 2010 and I absolutely love training with him. His workouts are never boring and he always challenges you.  Training with Beau I have become stronger and more physically fit and I highly recommend his training and nutrition program.

~ Michele

Tengo 9 años en Formula 55 y con nuestro  super entrenador Beau.
Sigo con Formula 55 y el entrenador Beau por su profecinalismo entrega y por su dedicacion para mantener nuestro cuerpo en forma y saludable

~ Katia

I was introduced to Formula 55 in 2010 and quickly made it part of my fitness training. Beau is great at pushing people to find their limits and then have them push beyond that limit! If you have a special goal or injury he is committed to finding a plan to get you to where you want to be. You just have to put in the work!

~ Carmen

Estou fórmula 55 desde de 2012 , após 2 minha segunda gravidez, onde tive o suporte total do Beau logo após tive uma mudança corporal significativa , com  ajuda dele , mudei meus hábitos alimentares, e emagreci muito … em 2014 grávida do meu 3 filho tive mais uma vez o apoio dele … hoje  11 anos depois continuo com a ajuda dele mas no processo de ganho de massa magra  … estou muito feliz e realizada no meu processo, Beau não só mudou meu físico  mas também minha mente ! Eu sou muita grata por todos esses anos sendo acompanhada por um profissional tão capacitado quanto ele é!

~ Claudia

Eu amo o fórmula 55 porque faz muito bem para minha saude. Sou cliente desde 2014.

~ Val

transformation camp testimonialFormula 55 transformation camp is a great complete plan which not only includes workouts but individualized nutrition plans. Beau manages to continue to come up with new and innovative workouts which is why I have been a loyal member for over 10 years.

~ Janelle

55’s Transformation camps are a personalized approach to group training. Whether it’s 2 or 20 in a class, your workout will always be tailored to your needs and goals.

~ Tiffany, member since 2010

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24 sessions for $1699.00, 12 sessions for $1080.00, 1 session for $100.00


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