Beau Taillefer

Beau Taillefer

Beau Taillefer is the creator and owner of Formula 55, an innovative program combining exercise, cardio, and nutrition that will transform you into the best shape of your life. Formula 55 is a ground-breaking system of muscle burning, heart-pumping workouts, designed to take your body and soul beyond the threshold of lactic acid and endurance that will ultimately transform your body from regular to extraordinary in just 55 days. This winning combination of nutrition and exercise has produced countless successful transformations and has made Beau a highly sought after trainer.

Fitness has always been a part of Beau Taillefer’s life. Growing up in Haiti, Beau has vivid memories of how his father would wake him and his brother up for a morning jog. At the early age of ten, he was learning the importance and discipline of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being fit was not an option in the Taillefer household, being fit was a requirement. When his family relocated to the United States, Beau continued his active lifestyle with his involvement in high school soccer and happened to have entered his first bodybuilding competition. Beau’s personal desire to be fit prompted him to start helping family and friends achieve a healthier lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition.

In 2004, Beau became a certified trainer and ultimately transitioned from a medical and behavioral claims manager to pursue a career in fitness. Beau is a certified master personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, strength and sports conditioning specialist, and weight management instructor. His clientele includes all types of individuals, ranging from kids to adults, pro and collegiate athletes, model & fitness competitors, business professionals, to stay at home moms and dads.

The best exercise program in Tampa. An excellent place where I could find professional advice to achieve my goals and not only lose weight but also stay healthy. Beau is very professional with many years of experience and has always been willing to work with me creating a personalized nutrition and exercise plan. The best decision I could make.

Paula Arroyave

The Formula works. Absolutely the best overall Training Experience! It's never the same. Your body is always guessing. Sign-up, your health and the new bod you will be rocking will thank you!

Marc Calixte

If I could give Formula 55 more than five stars I would! Talking about my own experience the workouts are not average workouts what I mean is if your looking to push/challenge yourself on a different level this place is where u need to be. The gym is always clean the staff is friendly but what I love the most is that the people that workout together becomes family which is rare in most gyms.

Maria Akas

I have been going to Formula 55 for over 2 years. Beau is a great trainer. Keeps your interest in the workouts by mixing it up so you do not get bored. He pushes you to be your best. Would recommend to anyone.

Debbie Lemke

Training with Beau at Formula 55 has been a real game changer. I've been training with Formula 55 for years now and I love the way that he pushes and challenges me with every workout. (...)

Jessica Renner-Thomas

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