About Formula 55

April 27, 2014

Formula 55 is an innovative program combining exercise, cardio, and nutrition that will transform you into the best shape of your life. Formula 55 is a ground-breaking system of muscle burning, heart-pumping workouts, designed to take your body and soul beyond the threshold of lactic acid and endurance that will ultimately transform your body from regular to extraordinary. This winning combination of nutrition and exercise has produced countless successful transformations and has made Beau a highly sought after trainer for those entering elite fitness competitions across the nation.

In its early infancy, Beau provided his program solely to his personal training clients. It wasn't until November 2010, that Beau united his 3 elements, Formula 55 nutrition, Formula 55 cardio, and Formula 55 strength training into a 55-day program known as Formula 55 Transformation Camp.

His transformation camps opened the doors for those that could not afford personal training. Since its 
inception, Beau Taillefer has held year round transformation camps with countless success stories. From stay at home mothers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, and athletes; hundreds of individuals in the Tampa Bay area have submitted to the Formula and transformed!

Beau has made a career of transforming lives through fitness and nutrition. Throughout his many journeys of transformation, he discovered the benefits of incorporating shirataki noodles into his clients' nutritional informational services. Soon, these noodles became a staple of Formula 55. Due to the success that Formula 55 has had transforming lives, and the significant role of these noodles, Formula 55 offers their very own Formula 55 Weight Loss Noodles!

Formula 55 offers: Personal Training, Formula 55 Studio, Fit Camp, Devil's Nest, Transformation Camps, Total Body Workout DVD, Formula 55 Weight Loss Noodles, F55 Cardio iPhone App, Online Training, Contest Prep, Weight Loss Management, Clothing Line.

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